December Birthdays – Mahgen and Tiffany.

We want to highlight two of our amazing staff members and celebrate their birthdays!

Mahgen is one of our Treatment Coordinators and she is the “mom” of our team. Sunshine follows Mahgen wherever she goes. She is always so positive and you can’t help but laugh and smile whenever you are around her.  Mahgen is the proud mom of two beautiful daughters, Bentley and Tinley. It is always a party when she brings them into the office to visit. One thing many people don’t know about Mahgen is that she was our patient before she came to work here. She loved our office so much that at each of her appointments she told Dr. Burke that she was determined to work here one day. We obviously couldn’t pass up on such an incredible opportunity to work with her, so we made her a permanent member of Burke Ortho and we couldn’t be happier.

Tiffany is one of our clinical assistants and she helps to coordinate our Invisalign process with Dr. Burke. Back in August Tiffany married her high school sweetheart, Carter. They have been together for 5 years and they couldn’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together. In her spare time Tiffany loves to bake and ride dirt bikes. Tiffany is a lover of sports cars, so it’s only fitting that she drives a shiny camaro with red racing stripes. One thing that people don’t know about Tiffany is that when she was younger she had one of her fingers cut off and sewn back on! Luckily her finger is still good as new! We love having Tiffany around, she is such a joy, and our patient’s all agree that she is fabulous!

We are so grateful for both of these amazing women, Burke Ortho wouldn’t be the same without them. Be sure to wish them both a happy birthday this month!

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